“Is this misfortune if it brings contentment?”

I really like that quote from Oedipus at Colonus. Aside from the drama and grossness of the story, I think that quote really makes anyone who read it question their planning in life and take a step back to see if their life is in check. It makes them think, Wow, is everything that I’m doing really worth it in the end? Am I actually going to be happy? And that’s what happened to me when I read it.

I really like to be organized with planning my schedule, (it’s the only thing that I’m organized at). When I read it, I thought about everything that I stressed over so it would fit in my schedule, everything that caused me trauma so that I could go to an event that was not supposed to be on that day, everything I had to reschedule, reevaluate, double and triple check that things weren’t overlapping. I just had to think about if all that fuss was worth it.

I think my calendar has actually looked like this at one point or another

As a deep thinker, I contemplated this over many days and I came to realize, yes, it is worth it. It is all worth it. I am a strongly believe that the feeling of accomplishment is one of the best feelings, if not, the best feeling in the world. To struggle and endure to get to what you want and how you want it exactly is an amazing feeling in the end.

So when Oedipus asks the question, “Is this misfortune if it brings contentment?”, it isn’t. No situation is a  ‘misfortune’. It is all about mindset and how you take a bad situation and make it a good situation. Antigone is the one that is in the worst place throughout the story, the one that can be considered the most unfortunate character, yet she never complains. It’s because she’s enduring all the hardships and is able to do what none of her siblings can. I think that’s an amazing accomplishment.

But in the real world where there aren’t prophecies that tell us of our downfall and the betrayal of siblings that causes riots throughout a whole nation, we need to think about our accomplishments and not think that the process is a misfortune. The fact that we worked through it to get where we needed to get should give us the contentment we desire.

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