Midterm Elections 2014

News update, not profound or deep. Please stay and read if you are a US citizen. If not, you can click away.

By now, you probably know that I live in the US, and if you too live here, we just had our midterm elections. Most people who I talk to are not very politically aware. I am, but legal restrictions won’t allow me to vote for a few more years. If I want you to get anything out of this post, it’s to vote. PLEASE VOTE!!! It really is important it makes a big difference in our community.

I have purposely not looked at the results for this year yet, because many of my friends who share the same political ideas as I have posted statuses on various social media websites that the results did not please them, some of these statuses included strong expletives, and saying that their votes were pointless, that it wouldn’t even matter anyway because the rest of the people who voted don’t know what they’re voting for and picking a random person off the ballot, or didn’t even vote.

Please do not let it discourage you to vote if the person you voted for did not win the election.

Let your voice be heard. Every vote counts.

I just want to address the recent vlogbrothers video done by Hank Green. This video:

Sidenote: I love them and I’m really excited for the Looking for Alaska movie to come out.

As you probably know I have a very liberal point of view and when I do get to vote, I will vote liberally. I’m also a girl. The reason I feel it is my duty to vote is 1) it is; it’s every US citizen’s right, and we must use it, and 2) many women have sacrificed their lives for women in their future to be allowed the right to vote.

This picture is an example of a woman being taken away by a guard for peaceful protest. The crowd in the background is quite large because of the fight for women’s suffrage.

So by the next elections, please vote. Vote to keep the things you like in their place and the things you don’t like from happening. There really is no excuse to not vote except for the two that were mentioned in the video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP AND WHIPPED CREAM ON THE SIDE.

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