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This post is a little bit more about myself. I’m sorry, again, I don’t have a deep, meaningful post for you to think about this week, but if you want to learn a little more about this person you see make such posts, you’ve come to the right place.

So recently I was in a situation where I had to write about myself, not what I think of anything, but directly about myself. I’ve actually done quite a bit, but I didn’t want to make it sound like I was arrogant or cocky. And that brings me to what I want to talk to you about this week:

Is arrogant success better or worse than being humble and not very successful?

(I’m going to say this right now this post is mainly about economics in America. I don’t really know how bad it is in other countries.)

I’ve actually been interested in this question since I was very young and have done a bit of research. I know that, as a person who watches a lot of dramas, CEOs are often arrogant and selfish, and that is what got them their position. But, according to folk tales and fables with morals, arrogance will lead to one’s inevitable undoing, to a miserable life without friends.

So, should we follow in the footsteps of successful millionaires and think so highly of ourselves, or listen to the stories that we were told as children?

My first instinct would be to say, “FOLLOW THE MONEY!” After all, I’m pretty sure I can speak for 99.95% of the population when I say I can never have too much money. But looking at all these CEOs in real life, they’re terrible people. Their employees are treated as second class citizens no matter how hard they work.

Take McDonalds-er (I’m assuming I can’t name drop so let’s call it– Fast Ms). So take Fast Ms for example. Their CEO makes about $8.5M in a year. Each employee probably makes about $16.5K in a year. (Source: some will say that it’s fine that those workers are making that much money because it’s a labor job and isn’t that  hard, but those people need to realize that work is really, really hard to come by and if someone offers a job, even if it’s menial labor, it sounds appealing to someone who doesn’t have access to a lot of materials. But back to Fast Ms.) Now according to this article: you’d need about $18K to live comfortably in a year. It really begs the question: Where are these workers going to get another $125 per month to provide for their lifestyle if they’re going to be living alone and already having to work for forty hours in a week of hard labor?

I know a lot of people probably disagree with me.

“Well if they don’t want that job they should have worked harder to stay away from it.”

Many people are too old to be working in an office and still haven’t paid off their student loans, oh those pesky student loans. Statistics show that 7 million people, I repeat, 7 MILLION people have not paid back their student loans. Well, not every single one of those people are going to be able to find work in their degree and are going to have to work at a minimum-wage job, just to find the money.

The signs around these people’s necks say how much money they owe.

So before I get too off topic, let’s recap about what we learned so far:

-Is arrogance a good thing or bad thing?

-Fast Ms is really mean and thinks their employees can life off of nothing while they take everything for themselves

-Student loans are really expensive, and so is college, so people have to find any work they can to pay it off.

Okay let’s find out what I think about this. I think that these arrogant CEOs are terrible people. I think that arrogance is a terrible trait to have in large quantities. I think that people should stop placing a stigma on people who have jobs in “menial labor” because someone is still going to have to do those jobs even if everyone was rich and was able to get an education a prestigious school. All in all I just think anything is better than an arrogant person who takes advantage of others’ misfortunes.

So that’s all that I have for you this week. I think I should start having endings to these but I’m kind of awkward. I might try a different one every week until I figure out what I like.

So be well, travel safely, eat lots of fruit, drink water, follow my twitter—-what what WHAT I HAVE A TWITTER?!?!?!

Yup! I don’t really know what I want to do with my twitter yet whether it be for promos or if you want to interact with me, but here it is. GO FOLLOW ME!!!

Okay have a nice weekend and I’ll talk to you next week.


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