Hi. Please don’t be mad at me. I have returned with something to talk about that’s a little more positive.

I truly am.

So since in southern California there has been a drought for a while, a lot of people really have no idea how to act when there’s a slight mist. For example, sometime last year it was what people outside of southern California would consider light rain was scaring everyone, and they all were rushing and shoving to find somewhere dry. While someone offered me a place under an umbrella, another person shoved me out of the umbrella and under the gutter where I preceded to get soaked. It was not as glamorous as The Notebook had made it out to be. At all.

I was quite saddened.

In the past week, it has rained a little bit and I’ve seen somewhat of the same behaviour going around; whether it be from adults, children, or adolescents. I don’t think that in any situation other than a bit of rain where this sort of behavior would ever be considered acceptable. All I saw was people endlessly complaining about wetness-like do you not want a water supply, do you not want to be able to freely clean yourselves?  

Nobody appreciates having a debbie downer-not even a debbie downer. I KNOW THIS FROM A LOOOOOOT OF EXPERIENCE. So WHY do we want a crowd of said pessimists. This makes me sooooooooooo mad. Not to mention that besides being grumpier, they become more rude, and it is just AWFUL.

The rain is a natural part of the water cycle. Nobody can control it in any form except to reduce pollutants so it won’t turn into acid rain. Rain brings life to food, therefore the rain brings life to you.

We all need to just stop complaining about it. No more fighting, no more getting innocent bystanders wet for your own gain. If I wanted to see fighting I would have gone shopping last friday.

So what I want everyone who reads this post to see is that, besides the fact that Southern California is really whiny, the population as a whole needs to be a whole lot more grateful for the things that we are able to get. I really, really hope that in the future we all appreciate that we have water that we can clean and drink.

That is all I have for you this week. I hope you are happy and make sure that you eat well.

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