It’s Not Just You

The holidays are just around the corner. Happy whatever you celebrate. Because this blog does not make assumptions and exclude other opinions.

Speaking of opinions…blech it’s such a dreaded topic. Such a dreaded topic.

The world is a place filled with diversity in everything, including opinions. Whether or not that makes it beautiful is your opinion. (Did you see what I did there?) And in this diverse world, these opinions have caused wars upon pointless wars, families have been severed and estranged, and people have given up years and years worth of friendships and memories. People decided the story they liked was right; that no other story, no other way of being was right, no matter how much support that it got. And innocents would die a painful death, removed from happiness, removed from a love they once felt.

But it is also these opinions that have created the stories we love to read over and over and want to pass down to future generations, the things we use everyday and literally cannot live without, the way your home is built or the way it smells. Someone somewhere decided it was a good idea to try this one thing. And then other people decided they like that one thing. And then they showed more people, and it was improved upon to the way it is now.

Like a domino effect.

Opionions mean nothing; they may be beautiful or ugly, clever or foolish, anyone can embrace or reject them.

The quote is from Siddhartha

Image taken at Venice Walkway in Los Angeles.

I don’t necessarily agree that opinions mean nothing, I mean, every opinion contributes something somehow somewhere. I just think that unless it gets some kind of help along the way, it will never surface to create a major impact.

Having an opinion is normal; telling someone that their opinion is wrong or irrelevant, is not. The reason why America is not doing as well as it should be doing is because we don’t all respect each others opinions. For example, in the 2012 elections, the statistics showed that the nation had not been this politically divided since the 1950s. I really like this scene from The Newsroom about how America is no longer the greatest country in the world. Some of these included humanitarian reasons. (WARNING:  STRONG LANGUAGE. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE BOTHERED BY RESTRICTED LANGUAGE!!!!)

I don’t watch the show, but I’m really glad whoever that guy Will was, was able to voice his opinion. It goes to show that every single opinion is really important. I’m talking about the girl with the sign, as well as Will. Nobody saw her sign except for Will, and he probably would not have expressed what he truly believed had it not been for the girl holding the sign.

In the vastness that is the world, we see ideas clashing all the time. In the market you have people fighting and stealing and trying to claim everything first. Why? Because what matters is that people saw that it’s what they created, what they shared with the world, what they believed first and not anyone else.

The world doesn’t revolve around you and your needs, so why are you even bothering to ruin it for the rest of us?

This got really negative really quickly. Let me switch back to the holidays, try to make this a little happier. You probably have to buy a gift for someone. Someone besides yourself, because that isn’t gift-giving. Take said person’s taste into consideration and think about what they would like rather than give them something that you wanted. It really defeats the purpose. (I’m sighing to myself because I couldn’t conjure up the money to take my own advice.)

Until next time, eat well, sleep early, work hard, and follow me on twitter:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. I hope whatever you celebrate feels special, and if you don’t celebrate anything, I hope that the holiday spirit keeps you warm and fuzzy during this cold winter. Unless you live in the southern hemisphere.

Oh how I wish it snowed in SoCal.

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