Filling the Void

We live in an imperfect world where our imperfections define us and give us character— to put it simply the world sucks. It sucks. That’s it and we all have to deal with the repercussions of people who did something wrong. Wonderful.

Recently I’ve been getting more bitter about everything and I’ve started thinking about all the things that we are in desperate need of. And there’s so much. There is just so much.

Universal Free Health Care

What? The masses of the impoverished are dying and the privileged still think that the weaker are the ones that are asking for too much. Not to mention the incessant whining from those not wanting to “spend my tax money on other people. Why can’t they work to pay for it themselves? Why are they so lazy? Always taking, taking, taking. Never trying to get a job… Yada yada yada.”

  1. Oh so you think that you’re wasting money on helping other people survive. Sweetie, have you ever heard of war…because in case you didn’t know, it’s paying for our military to march into other countries and kill I don’t like war. Why does it have to exist? There is literally no point. Yes, there are individuals that need to be, for lack of a better word, killed, but let’s re-evaluate that sentence…individuals. I’d much rather see my money going towards saving lives and researching ways to save lives.
  2. Okay *rolls up sleeves* have you tried to apply for white-collar work within the last decade? It has become extremely difficult with the declining economy and recession, and the requisites and experience needed for such work has drastically increased. People have to work in multiple jobs that don’t pay well just to get by for rent and electricity/water etc., food, and, clothing.images

Increased awareness of feminism

I’ve talked about this before. I’m a feminist. People are still unclear about the definition of feminism. After all this time? I mean, if you seriously think it’s women trying to become more powerful than men then YOU ARE WRONG, and you need to look up the definition. EDUCATE YOURSELF! And if you’re too lazy to look it up, it is the advocacy of the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. For you people who don’t believe you are feminist and are humanist, humanism is the idea that people are good and that they can use reason to figure things out rather than religion… a little different, don’t you think? Also the guy who founded it was a pedophile, but let’s not get into that since it was probably ‘acceptable’ back then.


I’ve also seen misinterpretations and misuse of the word ‘patriarchy’. The patriarchy is an archaic notion created by none other than Jean-Jacques Rousseau that men and women have separate ‘spheres’ where they can operate (activities that are gender specific) and should not mingle in the other. Of course misogyny had been active since the dawn of time, but his writings and ideology popularized it. The patriarchy fails to acknowledge the transgender community, makes men feel bad for enjoying traditionally feminine things and condemns them for interacting in close contact with other males (ie. they can’t accidently brush their hands past each other without screaming “no homo”, and tries to make males superior and women inferior. The patriarchy is to blame for the wage gap. The patriarchy is to blame for body shaming. The patriarchy is to blame for extreme and unreasonable dress codes in schools. So please stop saying that the patriarchy is harmless and that feminism is unnecessary. Because 1) no, and 2) no.

Laws requiring vaccinations

I live about 20-25 minutes away from Disneyland and about 10 minutes away from other out recent outbreaks in Orange County. Measles had been eradicated from America 15 years ago, but that stopped last December when someone carrying measles visited Disneyland. There would not have been an outbreak had everyone been vaccinated. There would be few people who still got it, but it would have been treatable and there would not have been an outbreak. SO VACCINATE YOURSELF! AND YOUR KIDS!

I honestly don’t know how people came to the conclusion that mercury in vaccines gave infants autism. The reason that there has been an increase in diagnoses of autism is because doctors have changed the symptoms and broadened the use of the term. Autism is a developmental disorder and is not something to condemn someone for. Honestly, is it worth having your child die and infecting others rather than just living with not picking up social cues as easily as most people do? People who have autism can still be successful, like the lead singer of Owl City. You know who can’t be successful? A dead person. So get vaccinated.

Until this void is filled I will continue to be an angry person.

That’s all I have for you this week. Until next time, eat well, sleep early, work hard, and follow me on twitter:


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