Bring It On

From the ages of three to eleven I was heavily involved in figure skating and it took up most of my time. As you can imagine, nobody can start out and land a triple when they first hit the ice, but I was always a bit clumsier than everyone else. I had poor posture and was stiff as a board. Needless to say I eventually got a lot better, but before then I was kind of a mess. For a very, very long time. But I did, and because it was a competitive sport— and yes it is a sport (don’t believe me just watch) parents tend to be very…involved.

I was fairly close to a group of girls in one of my classes and we would all talk and discuss things we wouldn’t have been able to discuss during the lesson as we got ready to leave the rink. I would always stretch after practice to prevent injuries, although I did eventually get injured, and my friends would tease me for my flexibility. One of the girls’ moms, on the other hand, was not too pleased that someone was better than her daughter at something, and from the first time she saw it until the last time she ever saw me, she sought to make my life, as well as my parents’ lives, as miserable as possible. This would involve gossiping about us to other parents, giving dirty looks, and isolating her daughter from me. I’ve been out of the situation for a long time, but looking back on it, we should have just sassed her away.


(Bear with me. I realize pewdiepie is problematic, but this gif is for dramatic effect.)

(Bear with me. I realize pewdiepie is problematic, but this gif is for dramatic effect.)

When one finds themselves in a situation similar to the one above, I find it’s best to 1) be the bigger person and walk away, or 2) sass them until they’re afraid of you and grovel at your feet. As fun as option two is, it’s not always attainable nor is it realistic is you want to keep most of your friends. In this case she probably deserved it but we left her to let karma go back and bit her in the butt.

Anyway, at least once in your life you’ll come across a really rude person and you’ll have the options of changing your situation to avoid them, or changing the way you think of them in order to not be affected by their rudeness. As Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”


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