Big Days in the World of Laughter

On April 1, for one day, the world embraces the need for humor. Ah yes, the time has come again for April Fools Day. But, we need to remember that this is no excuse to bully people for absolutely no reason, or to bully people at all.


Unless that person is Umbridge. If that is the case, then I don’t just give you full permission, I condone it with all of my heart.

So let’s talk about funny. When I was younger I was conditioned and peer pressured into believing that stereotypes were funny, especially since there were entire sitcoms devoted toward enforcing them. Before the wave of human rights activists began to enter the realm of popular media forums, there were often racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic, and homophobic figures who would publicly announce their prejudiced beliefs. I only realized how much we needed to change what we thought and how we thought about it after I educated myself of the social issues concerning myself and others around me.

It really concerns me how in this day and age we still have individuals who have decided that making jokes at the expense of an entire group of people and their own culture is a good idea. That isn’t the worst part, though. The fact that they are targeting a demographic of young and impressionable group of people with their beliefs is slightly terrifying, especially since some of these young and impressionable people are defending this disgusting behavior as “Why can’t you people understand that this is a joke and this is for comedic value?” I’m disappointed with the amount of prank suicide notes, prank asking-out, sexual harassment pranks that occur each year. Who do these people think they are, Sam Pepper? No. That is completely wrong to do. It hurts me inside to see how much our society promotes cultural appropriation. (A little warning on the video, if you are uncomfortable with looking at swastikas, there is a picture of one in a frame, and I suggest you don’t watch it.)


  1. 1.Don’t ask anyone out as a joke
  2. Don’t fake a suicide
  3. Don’t sexually harass anyone

And yes I do have a sense of humor. So what do I think of as funny now? I have the sense of humor of a really immature and annoying middle-schooler combined with House. At times I do wish my sense of humor was more intelligent; I am able to appreciate the smart joke every once in a while, but overall I usually laugh at childish things. Or things that make other people happy. You know, either of those is fine.


But out of all the good things that funny can do, one of the best things, in my opinion, is donating to charity. Recently, it was Comic Relief Red Nose Day and the organization called Comic Relief was able to raise money for those in less fortunate situations. I think that is something that we all should be happy about. Plus I saw a lot of people in red noses and it I think it gave a lot of people a sense of community in their philanthropy.

I realize I haven’t done this in a while. That’s all I have for you this week. Until next time, eat well, sleep early, work hard, and follow me on twitter:


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