Bursting Your Ice and Breaking the Bubble

Wait that’s not how it goes.

Do you ever find yourself mishearing song lyrics, or is that just me?

Oh okay it’s definitely not just me then (maybe it’s Patrick Stump’s fault, who knows).

Anyway, I recently learned that in a piece of art, whether it be a book, movie, painting, poem, or song, every single word or small detail is an important part of the final product. That big plot twist in that book you’re reading right now, yeah that one weird word in the chapter is just as important. Well, maybe not to that extent but, let me explain.

Le example un (I think I don’t know I never studied French)

In Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, she sings,

“Cause you know I love the players

And you love the game”

I italicized ‘you know’, and ‘you love’ because those are important. T Swizzle implies with the rest of the song that this is about another boy she’s dating and will write a song about when they break up but OH NO— this is so much more than that. With the ‘you’ she is addressing the media and the audience that listens to her music. That and the music video for the song play off the character that the media has portrayed her to be for all these years. She acknowledges the way they make her out to be someone who just wants to go through relationship after relationship. She becomes greater than the media portrayal and is much smarter than the media. Way to go Taylor.


(Did you know taylor swift is a huge philanthropist and stalks some of her fans to give them money? She’s a great person. 10/10 personality.)

Ejemplo numero deux (okay at this point I’ve already given up)

In Nearly Witches by Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie sings,

“Mona Lisa, pleased to please ya

In context, the song is referring how he has been completely infatuated with a person since the first time they met. The Mona Lisa is, arguably, the most well known painting in the world and is so elusive. Nobody knows what it’s significance is, but it has entranced so many people. Part of the chorus is

“Ever since we met

I only shoot up with your perfume

It’s the only thing

That makes me feel as good as you do”

His implication that her presence is like a drug to him is clear and that he is pleased to have been a part of her life, though he may not be any longer.

And last but not least, (ya I’m done trying the French), I think you might already know who this is by, but I’ll just give you a second to look through some old posts and figure it out. YUP!!! Fall Out Boy. As promised, I would analyze some of their lyrics.

In their song 20 Dollar Nosebleed, Patrick Stump sings,

“When I look at the man who would be king

The man who would be king

Goes to the desert the same war his dad rehearsed

Came back with flags on coffins and said

We won, oh we won’”

A bit of political commentary thrown in there. Let’s see who would be king in the country that Fall Out Boy is from? Ah yes, that would be the president of the United States. And let’s see when that song was written around 2007. And the president then would be…*gasps* Bush Jr. And he led the nation to fight in the Middle East, where there is a lot of desert, in a war his father, Bush Sr., rehearsed. He glorified the military, insisting the need to eradicate the “WMDs” that were in the Middle East *dramatic eye roll*, and said that the United States had succeeded.

Most people who didn’t know who Fall Out Boy was would probably think ‘What is some punk band doing trying to give political commentary?’ but actually, the bassist, Pete Wentz, who writes most of the band’s most well-known lyrics, was raised by parents who campaigned for Joe Biden. He studied political science at DePaul University, but quit to focus on music. He wasn’t kicked out; he quit. He was clearly very educated on such topics has every right to make such commentary.


Okay so there are a ton of forums on the internet that are dedicated to doing this sort of stuff and I think I’m kind of “losing the feeling of feeling unique”, if you know what I mean. But, I do hope you enjoyed something a little different.

That’s all that I have for you this week. Until next time eat well, sleep early, work hard, and follow me on twitter: twitter.com/learningwkaity


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