You Get a FOOL. And YOU get a Fool. EVERYONE gets FOOOOLS

The ongoing drought in California will not get better unless there is a limit enforced on everyone living in the state. I am well aware of the fine that governor Jerry Brown has just passed, but that fine is not going to do a whole lot. I recognize that most of California’s industries require a lot of water to run through, but we have to remember that it has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is not a place that we want to deplete of its natural resources. America does not have a good record of not infringing on other nations’ sovereignty for its own benefits, and sometimes I wonder if that trend will continue once California has been depleted of all of the water within the state. I read somewhere that we only have a year of water left, (that is to exclude getting it pumped in from another resource), and that doesn’t sound like something I want to leave for the future generations.

This post discusses the issues that stem from from neglecting the needs of the earth and the effects of actions taken to minimize the dangers that stem from the drought.

A Cluster of Ideas


As we’re all aware, California is experiencing an exceptional drought. So what exactly are our politicians doing to help prevent it? And what are we doing to help prevent it? Absolutely nothing worth talking about, because no matter what it is, it’s not helping the problem…just stalling it.

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I’m So Slow

I recently started another page to show you guys what I’ve been reading to keep up with my goal, but I’M SO SLOW. I have to confess that I’ve finished neither book, but I also have been reading Les Miserables since last year and haven’t finished either. So that’s why I haven’t been posting much on there. Right now I only have Lolita and The Fellowship of the Ring on there.

For those that don’t know, Lolita is the story of a man whose lover died when he was very young and it led him to feel attractions to girls the same age as her when she died. He develops attraction to a girl named Dolores (aged 13) and married her mother. After she dies they become closer. Understandably it is controversial; I obviously don’t condone pedophilia, but it’s really well written.

Les Mis is about a man who stole bread to feed his starving family and served time in prison. He reforms after encountering the kindness of a bishop and leads a life of running away from a prison guard/inspector/detective type person. I love it so much and I really want to see it at the Queen’s Theatre while Carrie Fletcher still plays Eponine.