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Picking at the Wall

My bedroom wall from when I was little probably has a thousand holes in it. When I was younger I would hit the wall whenever I got angry because I didn’t know how to articulate myself without an elder getting offended. Most of my family probably hates me now though, so I don’t care anymore. I’m usually pretty level-headed despite the way I act (it’s exaggerated, I swear), but among the bad traits that I got from my parents, I got my temper from my dad. He says I got all the worst traits from both of them. Thanks, Dad.


Around Thanksgiving I was playing Mario Kart with a bunch of my younger cousins, and suffice to say, they kicked my butt. So now I have a hole in the living room wall. This bad habit still crops up every once in a while, but by now I’ve suppressed it to just picking at the wall while I struggle to fall asleep. I’ve been frustrated with a few things as of late, so imagine my wall.

I spend most of my free time on the Internet— most people do these days, and to say that it isn’t helping to advance us technologically, scientifically, and communicatively would be wrong. On the flipside, there is an entire culture that has built up online, and that being said, not everyone involved is the nicest person. The prestige of Internet culture has, indeed, taken a toll.

Previously I talked about Zoella and thatcherjoe, but there are certainly bigger issues, considering that prior to the incidents in question they seemed to have all the best intentions. Whatever, that’s not important to this story.

Around the end of December last year there was a series of nasty messages sent to depressed bloggers on tumblr which drove them to, unfortunately, commit suicide. It was a big problem through not only tumblr, but also on various platforms, but tumblr was the platform which these messages were sent. There were facebook groups that were trying to help and report the source of these attacks to authorities, but they were also targeted. I was reading a few articles about this while trying to complete a big project and I wasn’t able to completely concentrate on it; I’ve made a few friends through tumblr and would have been devastated if the world lost any of them. And a few more holes were added to the collection on the wall.

Sexual abuse and manipulation in the YouTube community is another prime example of the abuse of power and authority within what is supposed to be a safe haven. A YouTuber is a content creator; they make videos that people watch and it does not give them the authority to abuse their fans when they could be doing so much more with that power, like building a well or to donate money to decrease world suck. You just can’t give those monsters any of your pity after they do such horrible things to other people. Watching videos of other YouTubers who had to deal with this issue was immensely infuriating because the two people I have linked honestly believe in such wonderful things and I don’t see how anyone would want to use them for their own advantage.

And that’s just it it’s never the victim’s fault. If anyone is to blame it’s definitely the abusers, and with the comments section littered with anything else, I am extremely concerned. When this came up, my collection grew a lot.

I could honestly spend so much time talking about this because I have such a passion for Internet culture and optimizing it to its potential, but I’m going to stop there while I still look at things from an objective point of view. But I guess until then I have to figure out a way to patch up these holes.

Thank you to my friend Thyana for suggesting the topic.